Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Most useful tip for traveling in Taiwan - How to use the toilets for free in Taiwan?

People live in Taipei never worry about the sudden mother nature’s calling, as there're public toilets everywhere. This is something that people from other countries would be surprised.

I had some friends first time visiting Taipei and while we walked on the streets, one of the ladies felt her mother nature is calling and then i brought her to MRT to use the toilets, it’s free and clean; it happens all the times you’d need to use the toilets when you’re traveling, with the delicious foods and drinks tasted, so sometimes I bring them to 7-11 (a convenient store you can see everywhere in Taipei) to use their toilets, and my friends were surprised that it is so convenient to use the toilets almost everywhere in Taipei.

In Europe or other countries, most of the stores won’t have the toilets for anyone to use for free, and you need to pay for using public toilets (there’s few are free, but very few), even in McDonald, you have to use the passcode printed on the receipt (of the foods you just ordered) to get to use the toilets.

But here in Taiwan, you are free to walk in to any coffee shops (ex: Starbucks, Dante, etc.), fast-food chain stores (McDonald, KFC, MOS Burgers, Burger King, etc.), 7-11, department stores or Malls (ex: Sogo, Mitsukoshi, Uni-Hankyu, Att for Fun, Taipei 101 mall, etc.), books stores (Eslite), theaters, hotels, or any MRT station, to use their toilets, for free and without even asking the permission!

And most of these toilets are cleaned and well-maintained.

They have people to clean it up every hour,  by adding the tissues, the seat covers, the soap, etc., honestly, they keep it very cleaned and neat.

If you could not find the toilets in these places, you may just ask their staff, they’ll guide you friendly. Most toilets in the MRT buildings outside the gates (you don’t need to pay to pass the gate), so you could just use the toilets freely; some are inside of the gates, for these ones you could just ask the staff to open the special gate for you to get in and use the toilets and then come out (how nice!).

As a Taipei citizen, I’m proud of the toilet facilities & services in Taipei.
(I know this is a special point to be proud of…hahaha!)

** If you prefer reading in Japanese, you can refer this written by my good Japanese friend:

7-11 with the toilets sign provide toilet to use

MRT gate, some toilets are inside the gate

Some toilets are outside the gate

Every parks has free & clean toilets to use

Different styles toilet in park, also free to use

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